Does uBlock Origin (uBO) bypass the latest YouTube anti-adblock script?
Not sure
uBlock Origin

What does it mean?

We are currently evaluating if uBlock Origin's filters have been updated to deal with the latest Anti-Adblocker script. This website doesn't check your device. It simply compares text files provided by the uBO team to let you know the current status of uBO's solutions for YouTube.

What should I do now?

Please come back later.

What does this website do?

It simply gets the info of the latest YT script ID solved by uBlock Origin and compares it against the latest YouTube Anti-Adblocker script ID. If it's the same, then the uBlock Origin team has finally updated their filters. If it's not, a fix is on the way. This website does not check if your own uBlock Origin version is up-to-date.

How can I contribute to this website?

You can make changes and pull request to the dev branch.

Please keep in mind we are all volunteers. We don't get any revenue from this and we cannot be online 24/7. Thanks for understanding!